Choose us for your new bathroom – here’s why

There are a lot of bathroom showrooms out there and let’s not forget the big DIY chains who stock kitchens and bathrooms along with all their other products. I do an increasing number of bathroom installations and there’s a good reason for that….expertise. My work is plumbing and that contains a lot of specialist knowledge. Installing a new bathroom can be done whatever your property location or size. By using a female plumber in Brighton you are getting an expert who really knows what is involved.

Add to that costs….the big stores have overheads, staff, lighting, floor space, sales professionals. These are all costs that need to be recovered and these hidden costs get added to the products in the form of inflated costs, additional design and fitting costs and a whole host of other ways. With a local female plumber in Brighton, we don’t have the overheads, we keep the costs down and you pay for the same (and in some cases) a better service.

We can usually source exactly the same equipment and fittings as the bigger high street stores but at considerably lower prices. You are not then stuck in a chain of customers waiting to get your products or to have the installation done.

Design and installation

We work with studios, flats and houses of all shapes and sizes and we can maximise your space and your budget. Quotes are free and without obligation and I suspect when you see what we can offer you’ll be delighted. We can give you some ideas of how to make the most of your space, small or large or somewhere in between. Our design service is personalised for you and you are not limited by a restrictive product range or being up sold needlessly for certain makes or ranges.

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