I’m a happy female plumber and a happy plumber plumbs!

There is nothing for me that can be the satisfaction of seeing a job well done. Being a female plumber is a vocation as it’s a job you can really love. Every day is different you get to meet lots of different people and better still, help them.

Few things are as invasive and damaging as water can be, whether that is an annoying drip or leak to a tsunami like flood, a good female plumber will have you sorted out in the fastest possible time.

My working hours are simple, 8am – 6pm Mon – Sat, I will of course book in time to visit you to match your commitments, the beauty of being a specialist small business is I can be really flexible. What I can promise is if you have an emergency within those hours, I can promise I am likely to be able to get to you much faster than a so called “emergency plumber” as they get blocked quickly with other emergencies.

One of my customers was told by three different emergency plumbers that they would be with them in 4 hours, how would that make you feel if you were stood in a flood that you could not stop? I was with them in 15 minutes and we managed to reduce the water damage immeasurably.

Add my contact details to your phone or bookmark this page, I hope you never urgently need me but if you do, I’ll be there.