Here are the top 5 most common plumbing problems

I get call outs for everything you can imagine but some are more common than others. Here are my top 5 for you.

  1. Dripping / leaking tap

It’s so frustrating that dribble of water down the side of your tab or the constant “plink plink” of the never ending drip. Getting it fixed no only saves your sanity but it can also fend off a leak or flood. Typically it’s an issue with a worn washer that needs replacing. It’s a small but sometimes fiddly job so I recommend getting in a reliable plumber to sort out the issue for you.

2. No hot water

You are in a rush, trying to get the kids ready, getting yourself ready for work and WHAM! no hot water.  Water heater and boiler problems are the most common reason that homeowners will call plumbers in east Sussex. If you have a water heater problem, there are a few steps to take to determine if the hot water issue can be repaired without calling a plumbing professional:

  • If you have a gas water heater with a pilot light, make sure the light is lit. CAUTION: if you are not absolutely certain what you are doing, or what you are looking for, contact one of the best professional plumbers in east Sussex like Female Plumber Sussex because many people die every year from gas explosions. If you are in doubt, call a plumbing professional.
  • Check to see if the temperature setting on the water heater is set high enough to provide adequate amounts of hot water, they can get knocked or adjusted in error so its worth double checking
  • Make sure the water heater is big enough to meet the water demand needs of your entire family. Often, when several people are all using the bathrooms at once, it puts high hot water demands on the water heater and it runs cold after a while.

3. Leaking Pipe

Broken water pipes can cause extensive (and expensive) water damage to floors, walls, and your possessions. To prevent a small leak from worsening, it is a good idea to check pipes periodically for rust or white lime deposits that can indicate the start of a water leak in your plumbing system. If you have a leaking pipe then get it checked and repaired sooner rather than later, better to have a small repair expense than recovering the cost of a potential flood.

4. Clogged drain / sink

Stuff gets down the sink, even when we are careful things like hair, liquids and fats can cause issues over time and you end up with a sink that wont clear. Sometimes a plunger or DIY de-clogging liquid can sort out the problem but it depends on where the blockage is. The kitchen sink is the most blocked sink in the house without a doubt. A good plumber will get the blockage removed with minimum mess and fuss.

5. Running toilet

It’s the sound of the toilet forever filling after a flush, it might also be a humming noise.  A constantly running toilet suggests some part of the toilet is out of order and not running properly and its highly recommended to get it checked. Running toilets left to run often result in toilet leaks and these are easily avoided.