No checkatrade - Female Plumber SussexWhy are you not on Checkatrade?

I get asked a lot why Female Plumber Sussex is not on Checkatrade so this is just a brief explanation of why. I used to be on Checkatrade and had been for a few years, what many customers do not know is Checkatrade and similar sites are designed for advertising purposes. This is how the owners of the website make money. Tradespeople pay more than £1000.00 per year and you essentially have a little advert on this big site.

The theory is, if you encourage your customers to leave you a review on the website, the site gives you a star rating and then potential customers can judge if you are safe and trustworthy. It is designed to get rid of cowboys (and girls) and ensure that customers like you get a good deal because you should be in safe hands, or that is what they would like you to think. The reality is, you spend a lot of time driving traffic to a big site by jumping through these review hoops.

The Problem

This Checkatrade type of review website is a business and like every business it wants to make more money. The reviews that are posted are often not real as they are not strictly vetted so a bad (Cowboy) could appear to be a trusted trader. Also, as a business if you are willing to pay enough, any bad reviews can be removed. This really isn’t fair to customers or genuine tradespeople.

As well as bad “professionals” some customers will abuse the system to try and force refunds or discounts. These websites do claim to have rules designed to protect both customers and businesses. The problem is when they do not want those to work because a business will usually pay to remove bad reviews any way.

I’m a small and ethical plumbing business and I cannot afford to keep a fat cat happy when they want to do things I consider to be unfair and underhanded. After such an experience I left Checkatrade for good and much of my business is repeat or comes through referrals or through my website.

Real Testimonials from real customers

Female Plumber Sussex have a lot of reviews from real customers and I am happy to share them with you here. I can also share with you projects and work I have done all in one place. Remember, you have nothing to lose talking with me and my team about your plumbing, heating or bathroom / kitchen needs. I am quick to respond and all quotes are free and without obligation.

I am a genuine small local business. I save on my advertising costs and that helps me to keep my quotes and costs low to benefit my valued customers.