Female Plumber, what’s in a name?

I do get asked about my business name, “Female Plumber” usually out of curiosity. It’s quite simple really that in the profession of plumbing, there are less women than men. If you call a plumber you have more than 90% chance that a chap will arrive to fix you leak or install your boiler.

For many of us, that would be fine and we would not even think twice about it but for some women who are home alone,  it can be quite daunting inviting a stranger into your home, especially when that stranger is more than likely bigger and stronger than you are. The same is true of elderly people and basically those in our community who are more vulnerable.

Seeing a female plumber can make all the difference in these cases and I am proud of my gender and my skills so I think promoting the fact is beneficial to a lot of my clients.

I hope this does not offend or alienate anyone who wants to work with me and my team, it is designed to be a benefit to everyone. No it does not mean I am sexist, many of my clients are guys and I will continue to work with everyone who needs some plumbing expertise and it is great to support women in these trades, we are very good at attention to detail and plumbing can be a gentle art! Contact us now!

I hope to serve you soon,